He Bought A Cupboard Online And Found Something That Kept Him Awake All Night

Samuel Stanici, a Romanian labourer from Bichigi decided to buy a second hand cupboard for his home online, but he never expected to find what was inside. He and his wife didn’t get a wink of sleep all night!

In a small town in Romania, a labourer bought a second hand cupboard online, but when he opened the parcel at home, he realised that there was already something inside. When he opened it up to find out what it was, he knew he had to find its previous owner.

Samuel Stanici, who lives in the village of Bichigi, was left in shock with by what he found inside the cupboard he had just purchased. It seems that when you buy a used product, there is always a surprise to behold, just like when these flatmates bought a used sofa and found an enormous amount of money inside.

As for Stanici, his wife Adela confirmed that her husband had bought this cupboard from a known online platform, but a few days after installing it in their home, she heard her husband screaming for her to come see what was inside.

What Samuel showed his wife was enough to prevent both of them from getting any sleep that night.

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‘We thought it might be a trap, a set up,’ said Adela. Therefore, her husband went back to the city where the original owner had lived to return what he had found.

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