As A Welcome To Womanhood, Parents Are Now Throwing Period Parties

As A Welcome To Womanhood, Parents Are Now Throwing Period Parties

The time were talking about periods is awkward, is over. Not periods matter is openly discussed but it’s celebrated!

In a society where nothing is taboo, a new trend is coming to light: period parties!

Period parties are becoming a thing among proud parents. Although the first period can bring stress and anxiety for young teenagers discovering their body, parents have come up with the idea that this time of a young girl becoming a woman should be celebrated…

The colour red would seem to be the perfect theme for this kind of party. From the dishes, to the clothes, everything must be bloody red. Period-themed parties are also appearing more frequently on Instagram and on Pinterest, where parents can find inspiration for everything from ovary-shaped cupcakes to piñatas.

In 2017, 12-year-old Brooke Lee, from Jacksonville in Florida went viral after posing happily next to a cake gifted to her at her very own period party.

The huge red velvet cake was iced with the words 'Congrats on your period', and it came complete with tampons, pads and pizza.

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According to her mother, who spoke to BuzzFeed, she decided to hold the party for her daughter because Brooke was ‘anxious to have her period’ and she wanted ‘to make this event a little more fun.’

Congrats on your period.

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