These Are The Five Bad Habits Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

These are the 5 bad habits you should rid yourself of if you want to lose belly fat.

When we're stuck in a routine, we often don't realize that some of our small habits might be stretching our waistlines. No matter how hard we try to embrace ourselves, sometimes, we need to make some changes to our daily habits!

Eating well-cooked food

Cooked foods are often thought to promote better digestion. Well, that's false! It's important to do less "thorough" cooking and more mild cooking, such as steaming. This preserves all the nutrients in the food. For pasta, it is best to cook it al dente so it doesn't turn into quick carbs, and subsequently fat that will be stored in the belly.

Drinking fruit juice

Fruit juices are often considered healthy drinks, but most of the time, they're a concentrate of sugar and water. Drink them in moderation and opt for homemade cold-pressed juices made with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding eating fat

We may want to lose belly, but that doesn't mean that we need to eliminate fat from our diets. It is important to differentiate good fats found in white fish, avocado and oilseeds, from bad fats (saturated fats) found in industrial food: chips, fried food, pizza... Eat good fats daily to stock up on energy, and bad fats in moderation. Don't deprive yourself!

Eating diet products

Diet products have fewer calories, but not less sugar! It is, therefore, better to consume "normal" products from time to time, rather than "diet" products.

Eating late

When we eat late, we prevent the body from using that energy! This leads to the storage of fat in the abdominal area... so it's better to eat early and have lighter meals (with the least possible amount of carbohydrates).

If you combine these tips with a balanced diet and workouts to target belly fat, you should be able to reach your goals fast!

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