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She Lost Nine Stone In Just A Few Months And Her Transformation Is Unbelievable

Natalie Burtina is a 23-year-old young woman from Victoria, Australia and after giving birth to her first child, she decided to lose weight. She started off weighing 21 stone, but then put in a lot of effort to eventually lose over 9 stone! Discover her surprising secret...

Natalie couldn’t look at herself in the mirror without being ashamed of her body. Therefore, she decided to make some changes.

A difficult load to bear

‘After I had a baby it just got out of control. I had packed on the weight once I got pregnant.’

She gave birth to a young son named Layton who is autistic. Natali used to feel out of breath after exerting even the slightest effort and felt fed up both day and night. She was also suffering from a number of health issues linked to her obesity.

An extraordinary weight loss

Natalie started by walking more as exercise and eating healthier. She then decided to sign up for a gym and went regularly, about two or three times a week. To slim down quicker, she started drinking lots of water.

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‘That’s all I drink now. I basically just eat fruit and veggies and meat – organic stuff,’ she explained. Thanks to this new healthy lifestyle, she lost over 9 stone and now weighs just over 11 and a half stone.

To encourage women who, just like she used to, don’t feel comfortable in their own bodies, she has some advice.

‘Just start with anything. It makes you feel so much better. If I’m having a really stressful day, I find the gym helps now. It’s like therapy.’ Today, she is proud of her dream body and wouldn’t stop exercising for anything in the world!

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