She Drank 4 Litres Of Water A Day For A Year And The Results Were Amazing

She Drank 4 Litres Of Water A Day For A Year And The Results Were Amazing

After falling in love, Alyssa Lusk gained weight. One year after being in a relationship, Alyssa weighed 90 kilos and quickly felt depressed. Determined to regain control of her body, she started drinking a lot of water and going to the gym. By drinking 30 litres of water a week, Alyssa Lusk has completely transformed her figure.

Alyssa Lusk is a 27-year-old American teacher living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. A year after meeting her husband Carter Lusk, Alyssa gained weight and reached over 14 stone because of poor eating habits she and her partner had adopted.

'I was eating junk food all the time and not doing enough sports,' Alyssa told The Daily Mail. Depressed by this weight gain, Alyssa decided to improve her lifestyle. Instead of her usual two litres of water, she started drinking four litres of water daily, following a doctor's recommendation.

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She also monitored her diet and returned to sports, going to the gym six times a week. Alyssa quickly lost weight. After losing ten pounds, Carter asked for her hand in marriage and Alyssa agreed.

Marriage has become a new motivation to redouble her efforts. She lost an extra 11lb before her ceremony where she appeared transformed and radiant. She had to resist temptation to radically change her lifestyle, but Alyssa is now completely satisfied.

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