Faced With A Heartbreaking Diagnosis, This Woman Lost An Incredible Amount Of Weight

Faced With A Heartbreaking Diagnosis, This Woman Lost An Incredible Amount Of Weight

Katie Webber dreams of having children with her partner one day. But a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome coupled with the fact that she was overweight put her plans in jeopardy. 

At 22, Katie was overweight at 18 stone 5lbs. She had also been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome several years earlier and knew that this could affect her future plans of starting a family with her partner. 

Determined to make her dream a reality, Katie began a weight loss journey which would see her lose over seven stone in just over a year. 

Polycystic ovary syndrome 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition which affects 1 in 5 women. Women who are affected by PCOS ovulate less frequently and the condition can therefore lead to fertility problems. 

As the condition is related to abnormal hormone levels in the body, including high levels of insulin, losing weight can help to improve some of the symptoms of PCOS. 

Katie's weight loss plan

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In order to lose the weight, Katie made several important lifestyle changes. She swapped ready meals and takeaways for home-cooked meals, started walking more instead of driving everywhere and began eating fruits and vegetables every day. 

She told Unilad: 'I still enjoy my favourite meals, I just alter the way that they are cooked.'

Her efforts have certainly paid off - Katie looks fantastic, happy and healthy at 11 stone 4lbs. When she bumps into old friends in the street, they can't believe it's her and even her mum is shocked by her new cooking skills. 

Katie is also keen to inspire others to transform their habits and start living a healthier lifestyle - with her stepdad, partner and several of her friends following her example and also embarking on weight loss journeys. 

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