Desperate to have children, this bride had a major transformation

Having suffered from obesity for many years, this Australian decided to lose weight in the hopes of starting a family.

Weighing no less than 23 stone on her wedding day, 30-year-old Cassie Hurley decided to take matters into her own hands by beginning a crash diet.

Losing weight to have children

All this because her doctors did not mince their words, if the young woman wanted to have children she would have to lose a lot of weight in order to not risk putting her health in danger.

Shortly after, Cassie Hurley began a diet where she completely changed the way she ate. After several months of work, the young woman had already lost almost 5 stone.

Following this first weight loss, Cassie decided to have surgery to remove the excess fat that was still bothering her. Thanks to this operation she lost another 5 stone.

A transformation of a lifetime

Now she weighs only 11 stone and has totally transformed her figure. Following her radical change, she fell pregnant twice and is now the happy mother, along with her husband Josh, of little Coupa and a little girl named Kenna.

Check out the video above to see Cassie's amazing transformation!

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring