After losing half her bodyweight, this woman's photos got a shocking reaction online

Losing weight when you weigh more than 26 stone can’t be easy. However, when it happens, there is nothing better than being able to share your achievements with others. This young woman only wanted to post about her new body but instead, was bombarded with criticism.

Then 24-year-old Simone Anderson from New Zealand weighed nearly 370 pounds. One day, she decided enough was enough and got to work. 11 months later, she lost no less than 13 stone 5lb in just 11 months and, feeling proud of her achievement, decided to post a before and after photo on Facebook and Instagram.

Accused of doctoring her photos

However many positive comments she received, some people still started to doubt if Simone was being honest about the photos. They said that it wasn’t the same person in the before and after photos and that if she had really lost all that weight, she’d have a lot more excess skin.

However, it turned out that, of course, these pictures hadn't been messed with, and were indeed a proof that she was a woman of focus, commitment, and sheer blooming will.

'I’ve lost a lot of weight and I have the marks to prove it'

Hurt by some of the criticism, Simone decided to stand her ground and posted another photo on Facebook in which she shows off the marks she now has on her body. It is in fact possible to see all the excess skin that she now has and that always hidden away with clothes. It’s 'the hardest thing that I’ve done,' she said.

Thanks to this photo, Simone got a lot of sympathy and admiration from the thousands of people that were touched by the young woman’s bravery.

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