After Losing 9 Stone In A Year, She's Totally Unrecognisable

Kirsty Simmons weighed nearly 18 stone and had many health problems, starting with too much stress and high cholesterol. After a doctor's warning, Kirsty decided to do everything to lose weight and feel better about herself. She recently confided in a technique that allowed her to lose over 9 stone in the space of a year...

In 2015, Kirsty Simmons weighed almost 18 stone. After being diagnosed with several health problems, Kirsty decided to change her lifestyle. The 30-year-old has struggled for a long time with her weight problems and has done everything to lose weight, whether through physical activity or dieting.

In the past, Kirsty tried several dietary plans that didn't help her reach an expected weight. Each time, the young woman began to eat compulsively because of her emotions, which erased all of her previous efforts. A doctor advised Kirsty to lose weight, as her problems could have escalated and put her life at risk.

In February 2015, Kirsty used gastric bypass, a surgical procedure. The young woman also started a physical activity routine again and adopted new eating habits. This allowed her to lose 9 stone in a year. Today, Kirsty weighs less than half her previous bodyweight and feels much better about herself. The difference is impressive and Kirsty's health problems have been significantly reduced thanks to her efforts.

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