After Being Bullied For His Size All His Life, Now Nobody Can Recognise Him

After Being Bullied For His Size All His Life, Now Nobody Can Recognise Him

This young man, who weighed 174 kilos, was bullied since he was a small child, until he transformed his body completely. The change has been spectacular!

Just like Stephen Ringo, whose wife left him because he was too fat, Austin Shifflett also had to grab the bull by the horns and make a radical change in his life for better health and self-esteem. 

When he was only 22 years old, Shifflett weighed more than 174 kilos and he was self-conscious about it, because throughout his life, he had suffered humiliation and insults from his classmates, which made him eat more and more food for comfort.

It was thanks to the help of his mother that this young man changed. He put himself in the hands of an endocrinologist, and with the help of a good diet, managed to lose about 16 kilos in only three months. All this, combined with a good exercise routine helped Austin recover his lost self-esteem little by little.

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All his efforts ended up paying off, and today, his physical transformation is spectacular. He has regained his smile and, although he is waiting to get rid of all the excess skin, he has already made his first steps in the world of modeling.

Check out the video above to see Austin's incredible transformation for yourself! 

Image: @austinashifflett - Instagram

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