New Trend Sees Brides Ditching The Bridesmaid Tradition In Modern Weddings

In 2019, we’re seeing more and more of these modern weddings in which brides are choosing to ditch the long-lying tradition of bridesmaids. Check out the video to find out more!

Could this be the end for bridesmaids? Thanks to this new trend, it could become a reality. Bridesmaids are now being kicked to the curb in the celebration and we’re going to explain why!

Freedom of honour!

It’s difficult to imagine a wedding without bridesmaids since their role is so important! It’s as if they become wedding planners themselves and deal with everything! From the bachelorette party to wedding dress shopping and fittings, even dealing with Aunt Jackie when she gets completely hammered on your wedding day, bridesmaids don’t have it easy!

However, more and more couples are deciding to not include bridesmaids in their wedding planning or even on the day and instead, are following the ‘zero bridesmaids’ trend. With this new title, they are free to choose what they want to get involved in for the wedding. They can choose whether they want to be there for dress fittings and organise the bride’s bachelorette party and they no longer need to wear a specific dress or style of dress. The aim is to allow bridesmaids to make the most of the wedding day and not get stressed by needing to deal with every little aspect or problem that arises before and on the day! It’s a good idea when you think about it…

Check out the video to find out more!

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