How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Attire

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Attire

Choosing the perfect wedding outfit is very important, however, it can turn out to be more difficult than expected. You just don't want to get something wrong on your big day. Don't worry though, Ohmymag has got some well needed advice for you. 

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Outfit

1. Made to measure or ready made: Men's suits are available ready to wear, semi-bespoke or custom made. The first two are much kinder on the wallet even when the price gets higher the more prestigious the brand is. These are ideal for men who can fit into standard size suits.  

For an outfit that fits your body perfectly, it would be better to go for a custom made suit. Semi-bespoke suits are made with the help of a preexisting template that can be adapted to different men's requirements, while custom suits are designed with a unique template made by a tailor after taking the client's measurements. 

To have the luxury of a suit that fits perfectly comes at a cost: starting from around 3500 pounds. 

2. Does the outfit match: It's essential that a wedding suit fits the groom well in order to enhance them but this isn't the only thing you need to consider when choosing the right suit. It's just as important that the suit compliments the bride's dress. 

It would be a bit awkward for the groom if his bride chooses a floaty, rustic dress and he is in a stiff tailored suit. So, it's important to consult each other first before making your choice. What's more, the style of the suit should match the theme of the wedding. In other words, make sure that the suit matches with the wedding instead of looking at it as an individual piece. 

3. The detail makes all the difference: Being different can be all the more elegant. Your chosen suit should be suitable for a wedding and should reflect the groom's personal style. To achieve this you need to add a personal touch. For example, this could be a handkerchief that matches your wedding theme colours, this idea could equally be used on a wedding dress. 

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Another simple idea would be to embroider the soon-to-be wed couple's initials on the inside of the shirt sleeves. Finally, for a bit of fun, why not play with some colourful accessories for cuff buttons, shoes or socks?

In short, have some fun with accessories all while still trying to remain chic and elegant.

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