An IKEA Bag Saved This Bride's Day... And Her Dress!

A resourceful bride found a genius hack to save herself from needing help to go to the bathroom on her wedding day.

Going to the loo on your wedding day when you're encumbered by a big expensive dress can be a challenge! This bride found a brilliant - and cost-effective - solution!

Her trick? Use a 50p IKEA carrier bag to hold your skirts out of harm's way.To achieve this magic trick, she just had to pierce the bottom of the bag and then put it on like a garment.

This allowed her to keep her dress up whilst she had a wee and avoid dragging her skirts across the bathroom floor without needing to take a posse of bridesmaids with her.

Needless to say, when this young bride shared her idea on social media, people were impressed. We imagine that this technique will soon be taken up by other future brides. And maybe even you!

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