Woman Goes Viral For Her Hilarious Engagement Photos

When 24-year-old Shanelle Phipps got engaged she couldn't wait to let everyone know about it.

Getting engaged is a pretty big deal and it's often a moment you want to share with all your friends and family. Of course, it's all about the love and excitement of starting a new life together - but if there's a nice ring involved there's no harm in showing that off too, right?

When Shanelle Phipps' now-fiance proposed she wanted to make sure no-one missed the new piece of jewellery she was sporting. So she did what any good millennial would and took to Snapchat. There she posted a series of Snaps showing her hand doing various things - from tying her shoe to 'getting them boogers'.

Shanelle's brother thought the Snaps were so funny he wanted to share them more publicly and took to Twitter. There, Shanelle's engagement photos went viral, with many Twitter users describing her as 'a mood'.

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