This Woman’s Company Have Insured Her Tongue For £1 Million

Hayleigh Perk’s tongue is expensive, very expensive. Her employer has even insured it for a whooping £1 million.

At 28 years old, Hayleigh Perk has a very unique job. She is a scientist specializing in chocolate for Cadbury’s that makes chocolate and other sweets which we’re sure you already knew. But what’s so special about her? Well, she can identify which ingredients are in a square of chocolate by just tasting it.

This unique skill is valued in the company, but the young woman can’t do whatever she wants anymore. For example, she isn’t allowed to eat hot chili peppers because they could damage her taste buds.

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‘I can’t imagine doing another job – I love eating chocolate every day,’ she told the Sun. And we understand why, anyone would love to have that job!

Check out the video to find out more about what it's like having such an amazing job! 

Anna Wilkins
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