This Photo Was Meant To Be Cute - But One Detail Ruined It All...

This Photo Was Meant To Be Cute - But One Detail Ruined It All...

This photo of two children holding hands in a hospital corridor was meant to be sweet - but when it was posted online, internet-users were quick to point out the unpleasant detail that was actually being revealed...

Internet users were quick to react when this picture, which was originally meant to be cute, was posted...

Shared on Twitter, the photo features two young children (a little boy and a little girl) holding hands in a hospital corridor. Both toddlers are wearing medical uniforms. Nothing shocking, right?

A sexist photo according to Internet users

The message conveyed by the photo really shocked users. While the girl is wearing a pink uniform with the words "nurse in training" written on it, the little boy is wearing a blouse that reads "doctor in training".

Twitter users were livid, especially female doctors who deemed the photo "sexist". "Sorry, I live in a world where women can be doctors too," one of them commented.

Gender inequality?

Why does the little girl have to be a nurse and not a doctor? The same goes for the little boy: why would he have to be a doctor and not a nurse? These questions really sparked a debate on Twitter!

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We let you discover exactly what Internet users had to say about this gender inequality in the video above.

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