This Might Look Like A Picture Of A Girl Swimming But If You Zoom In A Bit You'll Be Blown Away!

You won't believe your eyes when you realize what this picture of a woman swimming really is. We'll let you be the judge.

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is an artist unlike any other. Indeed, this Venezuelan man's paintings are hyperrealistic. His speciality? Painting people underwater, people who have tattoos, or both, and posing next to them to create visual hallucinations. The results are mind-blowing - that's how real his photos look!

You can check out his work in the video above. In it, you'll see his paintings of women swimming underwater. They look so real. And yet they're merely the result of Gustavo Silva Nunez's work with oil or acrylic paint. His paintings are incredibly detailed; everything, from the colour of the water and the bubbles in the water to the colour of the woman's swimsuit to her hair just pops! His work is amazing, really! You can check out some of this exceptional artist's work in the video!

Nancy Youm
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