This Is How You Can Stalk Someone's Instagram Stories Without Getting Caught

Can we all just agree that a little bit of Internet stalking (within reason) isn't such a terrible vice, but rather a human desire to feed your curiosity? So, if you want to find out what your ex is up to this summer through their Instagram stories, we have all the tricks you'll need to not get caught.

We love Instagram. Pictures of heavenly beaches, amazing cakes and trendy influencers. But Instagram is also where you can stalk your worst enemies, or better, your ex.

Invisibility technique

Up until now, it was impossible to watch your ex's stories without them being notified you saw it. Likewise, you couldn't see the stories of that person who comments (way too much) on your ex's new pictures. Those dark days are now behind us.

Gone are the days when, sad and disappointed, we tried to guess what was in the story by examining the tiny circle without clicking on it. There's a new way to spy on people without them knowing: the StoriesIG website.

Simple and free

Carrying out your detective 2.0 mission is very simple; the search bar does all the work for you. Just enter the person's username and you can anonymously stalk them.

If your target has a public account, you can quietly stalk their stories from the last twenty-four hours, and see their story highlights. So get ready to check out these stories, which are finally at your disposal!

Check out the video above for the full details on how to access this website!

Instagram deleted her picture without an explanation... can you spot why? Instagram deleted her picture without an explanation... can you spot why?