This Is How These 13 Fruits And Vegetables Evolve When They Hang Around For Too Long

• Will Armstrong
This is a strawberry that has continued to grow
At first glance did you know this was an artichoke?
This is what you could find inside an apple
The insides of pumpkins can continue to grow

Just like us, fruits and vegetables have their own life cycle. If you forget about some of them in your fridge or pantry you will see that they continue to ripen and grow. The results are sometimes quite incredible.

The photos you are about to see are those of abandoned fruits and vegetables. However, they were not discouraged and continued their growth alone. It is sometimes difficult to imagine how uneaten fruits can continue to develop and sometimes turn into plants.

You would not have suspected a potato, a papaya or a strawberry to be capable of these results... Fair warning, some of the evolutions are not that pleasing to the eye!