This Influencer Posted A Shocking Photo To Raise Awareness Of Domestic Violence

This young Brazilian influencer, Melissa Gentz, has recently shared a shocking photo on her Instagram account, calling out domestic violence. After being hit by her boyfriend, the young woman wanted to lift the veil about this sensitive subject.

Melissa Gentz, a 22-year-old student and influencer, has been a victim of domestic violence.

She has been in a relationship for three years with her boyfriend E.Bretz, a millionaire motocross champion.

To criticize and call out this scandalous behavior, the young woman shared multiple photos of herself on her Instagram account, where we can see the effects of what he has don’t to her. In the caption of one of the photos, Melissa Gentz told her story. She explained how her boyfriend had strangled her because he believed her T-shirt was ‘too short’.

According to authorities, the beautiful blonde is said to have been kicked multiple times in the face. They also say the man strangled her with his legs, pulled her hair and hit her in the face with a bottle. Melissa Gentz explains in a few words.

‘A man who treats you like that does not respect you and does not see you as a human being. He will not change. Put yourself first of all before it’s too late.’

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