This Girl Has Spent Thousands On Lip Fillers And Doesn't Intend To Stop

Andrea Emilova is a 22-year-old Bulgarian girl. Her dream is to have the biggest lips in the world because, according to her, they're trendy in her country and she feels happier with a larger pout.

This young woman from Bulgaria has a very clear goal: to have the biggest lips in the world, because it makes her feel prettier and more content with herself. This reminds us of the woman who wanted the biggest breasts in the world.

Aside from her lip obsession, Andrea studies Philosophy at the University of Sofia. But the young woman makes time for everything: surgical procedures, social media, school work...

Andrea has gone under the needle a total of 15 times and has gotten all kinds of lip fillers: princess volume to give her lips more volume, princess filler to fill in the gaps, Hyaluronica Vital Esthetique... The list goes on.

It's safe to say that the student is passionate about her humongous lips.She says that she spends about 200 euros per treatment. The more fillers she gets, the more beautiful she feels, but people have told her that she was prettier before.

The young woman started an Instagram page where she posts selfies that show the evolution of her lips. She explains: “I get thousands of compliments on my lips and on my outfits, and on my vision and style every day from people all over the world." Andrea says she doesn't care about the negative comments. Click on the video to find out more!

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