This Couple Are Being Blasted For This Photo For One Specific Reason

A couple provoked the wrath of the internet after posting this picture of the two of them.

It is common to see unusual videos or photos on Instagram as people scramble to collect as many likes as possible. A couple recently set out on a quest for "likes" by posting a photo of themselves, which has angered users for one very specific reason.

A bad example

Raquel and Miguel are two globe-trotters in love. In order to immortalize their last trip to Sri Lanka, they took a picture of themselves, suspended in the air, aboard a moving train. As you can see in the photo, featured in our video above, Raquel is almost falling off the bars of the train, which is running at full speed. Meanwhile, Miguel is leaning on his girlfriend, barely hanging on.

In the comments, their followers did not hold back telling them how irresponsible they found it to have taken and posted this kind of photo. They believe that the couple is setting a bad example for their subscribers, and were risking far too much just to go viral on Instagram.

"You're risking your lives for a picture? Just to post it on social media?" an indignant subscriber commented, while another complained that "This will lead to other Internet users doing the same thing, which is dangerous and irresponsible."

Check out the video above to see the picture and the consequent uproar for yourself!

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