These DIY Tutorials Using Sponges Will Surprise You

Why complicate things when you can make your life easier? Here are 3 DIY tutorials using sponges that will surprise you...

These DIY Tutorials Using Sponges Will Surprise You
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A soap dispenser, a pin holder or even a soap dish! Here are 3 DIY tutorials that will make your life easier. All you need is a sponge and your little hands. Let's go!

Make a soap dispenser

Take a plastic container and drill five holes on the lid with a drill. Then, cut a sponge in the shape of the lid and stick the piece on top of the lid. Add dish soap inside the container, and you're good to go. You now have an automatic product dispenser!

Make a soap dish

Are you tired of seeing your soap disintegrate? On an oval sponge, place the soap and trace its outline on the sponge using a marker. Then cut the sponge on the lines. Then place the soap in the space you cut out and it won't scatter anymore!

Make a pin holder

Draw a circle on a rectangular sponge using a jar lid. Cut out the sponge following the lines, then glue it inside the lid. You can now place your pins and needles there. Practical, right?

So, are you going to try them out? Watch the video to see how it's all done!