The Size Of This Baby When It Was Born Shocked Everyone

The Size Of This Baby When It Was Born Shocked Everyone

Waylon Cole Halet is a rather unusual baby. This little baby weighed almost 16 pounds when he was born. He is the biggest baby to be born that year.

Every year, the news is filled with unusual birth stories. Some stories are inspiring and about difficult births and others catch our attention because they are hard to believe, no matter how true they might be.

In 2015, the birth of one of the biggest babies in the world was recorded. Andrew Jacob Cervantes was born weighing over 15 pounds. A true achievement for his mother!

However, the Guinness record for the biggest baby born is held by a baby born three years later, when, in 2018, a mother weighing 200kg gave birth to a baby that weighed almost 40lbs! It’s difficult to imagine how this poor mother could still stand afterwards, don’t you think?

In any case, Waylon Cole Halet’s case is still unusual and rather unique, since he was brought into the world weighing no less than 16 pounds, more than double the weight of an average newborn baby. And since then, very few other births have surpassed this.

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Check out the video of the not so little Waylon now to see how doctors celebrated his incredible birth.

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