The Kid From The Kinder Bars Is All Grown Up And People Are Shook

The Kid From The Kinder Bars Is All Grown Up And People Are Shook

We've all been seeing him since we were kids, and yet nobody knows his name. The boy from the Kinder bars, who brought joy to our snacktimes, is real. But where is he now?

Although for nearly 30 years, Kinder products featured the face of a German boy named Günter Euringer, in 2005, this "child" was replaced by a young Englishman named Josh Bateson. He's all grown up now, and is actually kind of hot!

The Kinder "kid"!

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While he may be frozen in time to us, he is now 24 years old. Originally from London, Josh Bateson posted a picture of himself holding a pack of the notorious chocolate bars in front of his face.

A snapshot that immediately went viral, and you'll understand why when you see his face...

More than 137,000 followers...

Although he was first noticed on Tinder, because of an explicit message in his profile description, Josh Bateson has become one bad boy you'll want to follow on Instagram.

Perfect smile, hot body, beautiful blue eyes... In short, the Kinder kid has undergone quite the transformation.

We'll let you discover Josh Bateson's physical transformation in the video above. Prepare to feast your eyes!

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