The 'Eye Of Horus' Could Be The Most Important Cocktail Ever Invented... But It Doesn't Come In A Glass

There are few things worse than going out for a good time at the bar, only to find yourself being harassed. A bar in Rennes, France came up with an idea to prevent this: put a fake cocktail on the menu to alert the staff.

Meltdown Bar in Rennes, France, knows how to look out for its clients’ best interests. They refuse to sit back and watch others being harassed without doing anything to stop it. Conscious of this problem that exists in pretty much any bar, the employees looked for a way to help make themselves more aware of when someone is in need of rescue.

A regular suggested created a fake cocktail: the ‘Eye of Horus.’ The concept is simple—if someone comes to the bar and orders an Eye of Horus drink, it means that he or she is being bothered by another client and needs help.

Once the issue is signaled, the team dives into action to protect the client and get the harasser away. For the staff at this bar, there’s nothing more important than making sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. It’s clear that their initiative is working—several ‘Eye of Horus’ drinks have already been ordered since the plan was unrolled.

The bar also makes it clear that this cocktail isn’t only for women; men that find themselves in uncomfortable situations can also order it and be saved in the same way. Let’s just say that, all around, we’re giving this bar a five-star rating.

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