The Best Spain Inspired Styles For Wedding Guests This Autumn

‘Getting married is about being stylish’ and we all want to look perfect for our upcoming event.

Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding or an event isn’t an easy task and can cause quite a headache, especially if the event is for someone special or we just want to make a good impression.

Therefore, we’ve done all the work and picked out some of the best weekend styles and outfits to inspire you and help you be the best dressed. Weddings are very important dates and Instagram is full of photos of celebrities and influencers posing in some of their best outfits.

These influencers have quite a large impact on their followers with their outfits. But it’s not just influencers who go to weddings, we all go. Designs from various well-known brands such as Zara and many others, including lesser known brands, have been spotted worn by guests all over Europe.

The weather has meant that most of these new styles incorporate long-sleeves and are less summery, which is perfect for the dropping temperatures. The size of sleeves is very noticeable in dresses this season and will most likely be seen more often in weddings this October and November. The colours to look out for are red, green, purple and even black, which isn’t a colour you normally see at weddings, but this year, it is being worn more and more by the most elegantly-dressed guests.

Headwear is also big this season, especially headbands and tiaras. As for hairstyles, the most commonly observed style is pigtails, but if you prefer having your hair down, you could put in a few waves, as we have seen some influencers do. When it comes to shoes, stilettos are your best friends and don’t forget to take some care with your accessories. A pair of big earrings or a mini clutch wouldn’t go amiss.

Don’t miss the styles we’ve chosen especially for you in our video above!

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