She Sent Her Mum A Photo Of Her Room But Forgot One Embarrassing Detail

She Sent Her Mum A Photo Of Her Room But Forgot One Embarrassing Detail

Ella, an American student, had proudly sent a photo of her newly-decorated college bedroom to show her mum back home. However, despite the fact the room was immaculately tidy, Ella had forgotten about one pretty embarrassing detail...

This is one of those photos that is currently zooming around social media sites for reasons that may not seem too obvious to begin with...

The seemingly-innocent photo was sent from a daughter to her mother, showing her newly decorated college bedroom - but one small detail got everyone cringing.

A screenshot of their conversation was then posted to Twitter by the student, accompanied by the following caption: ‘Mom’s been asking for pics of my new room… finally sent one… I’m so stupid.’

A warning to anyone sending pictures to anyone! Always make sure what you send is actually what you want to send, otherwise, you could be trying to talk your way out of a tricky scenario.

A bit of a sticky situation

This photo of her new room quickly became an issue for her mum, as Ella had forgotten to tidy away one thing she probably didn't want her mum to be seeing! Did you spot it on your first look?

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Check out the video above to see what it was for yourself - and to see how Ella's mum reacted!

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