She Sat Down At The Doctor's With Her Baby... Then This Man Did Something Beautiful

Pure kindness! This beautiful story highlights the best of mankind. A gentleman named Joe Hale agreed to help his peer during a doctor's visit. But how?

Fortunately, there are still people who help others. Natacha Wilson, a mother, went to the doctor with one of her children, but she did not expect this...

A man cradled the baby while a lady sitting next to him filled out her paperwork. This moment was immortalized by a photo taken by Natacha. She posted it on her on Facebook page, and captioned: 'I was sitting in the waiting room, and this lady came in with her baby. They gave her medical papers to fill out, and as she was sitting, she was trying to lull her baby to sleep at the same time. This man sitting next to her asked her if he could rock her baby while she filled out her documents. She smiled and said that would be wonderful. This man rocked and loved the baby as if it were his own child!! My heart melted!!'

This image has been shared over 420,000 times on Facebook and has over 1.3 million Likes. This story took place in Alabama, United States. This act of kindness gesture, which should be common and natural, has been hailed by Internet users. A young woman writes, 'Too cute, he needed a hug as much as the lady needed help. Human contact is the best way to heal our hearts!'

If you look around you, you will see there is probably someone who needs help...

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