She Decided To Dye Her Hair At Home But It Had Catastrophic Consequences

Colouring your hair by yourself can sometimes trigger a real disaster. That's what happened to this young Brit who could have avoided this nightmare... if she had gone to a hair salon. Take a look at the video above to see the awful consequences dyeing her hair at home had for Kirsty...

Kirsty Weston is a 29-year-old British woman who had a horrible hair experience. The young woman preferred to dye her hair at home rather than going to the hairdresser. Before adding extra colours, Kirsty first wanted to bleach her hair blonde.

She mixed hydrogen peroxide with whitening powder and applied the solution to her hair. After fifteen minutes, Kirsty realized that something was wrong. The young woman started to feel intense burns in her scalp.

Kirsty immediately tried to rinse her hair. However, this was not enough to calm her pain. The next day, Kirsty's face was particularly swollen. The young woman then went to the hospital. The problem was much more serious than a simple allergic reaction. Kirsty's hair began to fall out in bunches.

The doctors were forced to take skin from her thighs to replace that over her skull. Unfortunately, Kirsty does not currently have the enough means to continue to implants and the skin of her scalp may remain permanently naked. She has, however, received a wig donated by the Katie Piper Foundation, helping people with major burn marks.

Take a look at the video above for more on Kirsty's story...

The Alarming Consequences That Hair Dye Has On Your Health The Alarming Consequences That Hair Dye Has On Your Health