ASMR: How People Are Relaxing Listening To Ordinary Noises

A collection of relaxation methods have made it possible to chill your mind while perusing the internet.

ASMR: How People Are Relaxing Listening To Ordinary Noises
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A lot of people find the internet stressful, especially with the horrific news reports popping up in our newsfeeds. But some creative apps and Youtube artists have found a way to bridge the internet with relaxation.

It may be strange to think about using the internet to relax when you feel like it’s the entity that has induced you to a stressful state in the first place.

Sometimes it can be stressful just thinking about how you’ve wasted time scrolling through the depths of YouTube or spent hours stalking random influencers on Instagram.

And some things are impossible to get away from when you’re scrolling through your various newsfeeds—political debates, planet-related horror stories, fatalities, etc. We would go more into it, but we don’t want to stress you out.

If you find that your heart starts beating like an intense kick drum, you may want to consider watching relaxing videos! More and more people have found ways to relax on the internet, whether that be via an online guided meditation, tuning into a super Zen playlist, or listening to a soothing narration before falling asleep.

Discover which YouTube sensation may help to propel you to a state of relaxation as well as other fascinating statistics related to the internet and stress in our video above!