One Weird Detail About This Photo Of A Hand Has Been Driving The Internet Crazy!

After the debate of whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black, there is now a new, unusual photo that is fascinating the web and giving way to some crazy theories. When she posted a photo of her professional manicure, the young American @Larose419 didn’t think anyone would point out this one thing...

In the photo that was posted on Twitter, one detail ended up creating a lot of hype and going viral! Most internet users noticed that the young woman’s hand only had 4 fingers. The passionate reactions that followed on social media about this quickly turned into a mystery: did she have a deformity or was it just a magic trick?

And so, the young woman’s lovely manicure wasn’t important anymore, the internet blew up about the number of fingers she had, and it was quickly realised that it wasn’t a deformity, nor a magic trick… but simply an optical illusion! The young woman does in fact have 5 fingers; she had merely hidden her index finger under her thumb in the photo!

The irony of this story is that it wasn’t the nice pattern on her nail art that went viral, but rather the positioning of her fingers. Several internet users comically responded to her tweet with the ‘finger challenge’ by posting photos in which they had hidden one or more of their own fingers behind their thumb. Are you ready to take on the challenge…?

Check out the video to find out more!

One Weird Detail About These Wedding Dresses Is Driving The Internet Crazy One Weird Detail About These Wedding Dresses Is Driving The Internet Crazy