Girl Gets Response From ASOS After Sharing Abuse Received On Tinder

Girl Gets Response From ASOS After Sharing Abuse Received On Tinder

After receiving verbally abusive messages via Tinder, ASOS took notice of Thea Chippendale and supported her against the attack.

Thea Chippendale was participating in a seemingly standard Tinder conversation when a stranger, George, felt it was appropriate to belittle her clothing choices in a photograph that had made it onto her profile.

A string of abusive comments appeared out of the blue as he suddenly decided that the dress was “not doing any favours”. But it didn’t stop at just one comment. George decided to launch into a full stream attack stating the following:

“Literally had to tell you else I wouldn’t of slept. It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job! I tell you what…GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks. I hope this helps.”

Thea, who respects that people can often have different views on fashion admitted, “…he went out of his way to be mean to me…I saw it as really malicious and cruel.”

The openly offensive messages have since sparked a wave of support for the 20 year old girl, with not just ordinary twitter users, but moreover ASOS got involved, the online retail outlet from which she had purchased the dress.

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Since the tweet emerged, Thea has gained just short of 100,000 likes and many girls after seeing the image have went directly to the website to buy the stunning £75 pink lace midi dress for themselves!

Click through to the video to find out what ASOS have now done to ensure Thea gets the last laugh!

Teegan Wright
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