Fitness Bombshell Tammy Hembrow Shows Her Incredible Booty Transformation

Fitness Bombshell Tammy Hembrow Shows Her Incredible Booty Transformation

Tammy Hembrow is a renowned intagram bombshell, known for her fitness empire and the most plump and round booty in all of Australia! Online skeptics accused the Aussie star of having gone under the knife to achieve her unbelievable hip-to-waist ratio. She's back to shut these claims down once again with her transformation... 

Tammy Hembrow isn't new to 'silocon-butt' accusations, having made her way to the top amongst the most renowned instagram models, now with over 8 million followers. Being a mum of two at 24, she is often praised for being a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated athlete simultaneously, all the while looking as incredible as she does.

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However, the insta model repeatedly gets accused of having undergone surgery to achieve her infamous booty. But she doesn't give in to the trolls, and came back at them with a booty transformation over 4 years. She insists that her insta-famous butt is "100% natural" and that this process didn't happen overnight.

Tammy trains 3-5 days a week, with minimal cardio, heavier weights and plenty of protein-rich foods. She says she eats as often as every 2-3 hours! A lifestyle that allows us to embrace our inner foodie? Yes please! 


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