Everyone Is Talking About The Video Of This Diver And Seal

Everyone Is Talking About The Video Of This Diver And Seal

A British diver stood out from the rest this week for one of his latest dives with a seal.

An amazing encounter

Ben Burville is a doctor and underwater cameraman who stood out from the rest on Sunday 11th August for one of his most recent deep-sea dives.

On his Twitter account, Ben Burville posted a video from his underwater excursion, in which we can see him next to a seal who was clearly happy to have found a playmate.

The video quickly went viral and was accompanied by the diver’s message that he wishes everyone could find their passion like he found his:

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‘Recently I was told, ‘Ben you are like a child on Christmas Eve before you go diving with those seals.’ I figure, if you can find something that makes you feel that way, you are very fortunate indeed.’

The underwater world is full of amazing creatures, but unfortunately not all are safe for humans.

Although the underwater world is impressive, fascinating and even terrifying, there is still so much more of it to explore. Therefore, it’s extremely likely that there are creatures that we still don’t know about.

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