Easy Self-Defence Tips Every Woman Should Know
Easy Self-Defence Tips Every Woman Should Know
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Easy Self-Defence Tips Every Woman Should Know

With the increased crime rate and unfortunate attacks in the world, everyone should know some basic self-defense moves especially women since they are more vulnerable. Watch our video to learn some tips that will keep you safe.

1. Be alert: Always be aware of your surroundings. If you use public transportation, go for jogs, or walk everyday then you need to observe your surroundings. Look for people that appear suspicious to you and avoid them. Always look behind you when you are walking because most of the time and attacker will strike from the back. That means avoid wearing headphones or avoid being on your phone.This is a distraction and attackers seek people who aren't prepared.

2. Baggage: Carry your purse or any bags on the less dominate shoulder and try to keep your hands absolutely free. If the attacker strikes you then you will have both hands to defend yourself.

3. Be loud: If there is an attacker coming towards you scream to the top of your lungs. Sometimes the attackee is in shock that he/she will forget to scream for help. Remember if people can hear you, they will be able to try to help you.

4. Use your teeth: If they have their hands around you then try to bite them on the arm as hard as you can. This will send shock to them and hopefully they will release.

5. Use your fingers, arms, and hands: Don't forget to use every part of your body to defend yourself. See below for examples:

-If you are able to see their face then use your fingers to strike them right in the eyes.

-If you are able to use your hands then strike them with the palm of your hands right underneath their chin.

-If they grab you from behind then use your elbows straight into their side.

-If they grab you by your hair from behind then put your arms straight out and swing it backwards towards their hands.

-If they grab your hair from the front then try to pull their pinky finger backwards. It will trigger pain and they will release.

6. Use your legs: If they grab you from behind then you can kick your foot backwards right in the groin region.

Check out the video above for some defence tips in action!

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