Dedicated Bridesmaid Gives Birth At 7, Attends Her Sister's Wedding At 12

Emily Chell, 27, went into labour 3 weeks early - the night before her sister's wedding. But she didn't let that stop her being there for her sister's big day.

The night before her sister Katie's wedding, Emily Chell was staying at a hotel with Katie and their mum when Emily's waters broke at around 10pm.

After rushing to hospital, Emily gave birth to son Brody, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz at 7.10am. Amazingly, they left the hospital at 11.15am and dashed 13.5 miles back to the wedding venue.

When they arrived, Emily changed straight into her bridesmaid's dress and was able to walk down the aisle holding newborn Brody - a mere 10 minutes late.

Emily said, 'It was pretty mad because my mum hadn't even met Brody until we made it to the church. I was still feeling very light-headed from the drugs I'd been on but we managed to make it to the reception and left after the speeches so I could feed Brody.'

What an absolute trooper!

12-year-old girl gives birth to her own brother's baby 12-year-old girl gives birth to her own brother's baby