Coachella Once Again Brought The Most Bizarre Looks! This Year One Has Left Everyone Stunned

Coachella is the Burning Man of Instagram! Bizarre looks ramble through the desert, but one particularly stood up this year: DUCT TAPE!

Coachella has become THE festival for influencers to show their fashion style. Nobodies and celebs party together in the heat of the Californian desert. The festival is the opportunity for young instagrammers to bring back their flower crowns, boho sundresses and abundance of choker necklaces.

We've seen celebs establish new trends, such as glowing neon, cowboy hats and western belt buckles, fuzzy jackets worn over bikini tops, classic tie-dye hoodies paired with shorts. Some admittedly better than others.

But more than ever, this festival is the right place for any alternative and bizarre look to be an empowering feminist statement!

A very bold statement

Last year, Coachella saw women turning up topless with only glitter paint and jewels to cover themselves up. This year neon body paint and glitter have new competition as a new trend has found a special place in the spotlight: TAPE. And only tape!

Yes, as unbelievable and probably uncomfortable as it must be, tape made a big impression this week!

Thanks to Joel Alvarez, the Miami designer behind the Black Tape Project, ladies could embrace risqué looks that doesn't leave much for the imagination. And it’s taking Instagram by storm!

But it’s still California, what happen if they sweat? How do they go to the toilet?

Photo credit: Instagram - The King Of Tape

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