Can You Spot The Chilling Detail In This Hundred-Year-Old Photo?

While looking for old photographs taken in their city, the newspaper ‘The Belfast Live’ came across a photo that got internet users talking and led to a number of theories.

In this photograph that’s 116 years old, 15 employees were posing by a mill in the city. 15 employees? Maybe there’s actually 16… Because there’s a hand, nonchalantly resting on one of the young woman’s shoulders that seems to belong to no one.

Some photographs are full of surprises! Especially this photo that dates back to the year 1900 that was found by the newspaper ‘The Belfast Live’ when the newspaper team from the Irish capital set out to find old photos of their city.

At the very least, it has to be said that the journalists found a very strange 116-year-old photo. At first glance, the photo looks just like all old photos from this time period. In the photo, we can see a group of young women, fifteen in total, who were all employees of a mill in the city of Belfast. This black and white photo of the group seems completely normal at first.

And yet, there is one little detail that is quite chilling. In fact, it was so mysterious, that it ended up frightening the newspaper The Belfast Live’.

What if there weren’t actually fifteen employees, but sixteen? As it turns out, you can see a hand in the photo that doesn’t seem to belong to any of the employees. The hand in question is visible on the right shoulder of the furthest woman to the right in the photo.

Do you see it? Check out the video above to see for yourself!

Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you? Optical Illusion: Only one in 100 can spot the mistake in this picture, can you?