A Woman Went Viral When She Posted A Video Of Herself Removing Eyebrow Tint She Bought Online (Video)

There’s a new viral video that’s currently flying around the world, particularly among those who like beauty and cosmetics. What happened to this woman?

Eyebrow tattoo liquid stainers are on the agenda for today. We all love having soft, full and radiant eyebrows and in order to get them, some people turn to tattoo liquid stainers or eyebrow tints.

And that’s just what this woman did who filmed herself trying out one of these liquid stainers that she had bought online. According to the Daily Mail, the protagonist of this story is named Poppy Gasson.

This woman wanted to use this eyebrow tint to make herself look beautiful, but she, unfortunately, didn’t read the instructions carefully beforehand. Big mistake! As she herself wrote on Facebook:

‘Boy was I so wrong – now I’m paying the price for it.’

‘I wish I read it before. I look like a space raider.’

The video has been viewed more than 11,000 times and has received hundreds of comments from internet users, lots of them laughing at the poor woman’s situation, but… why has the video gone viral?

The problem for the woman in the video, and also the reason it became so popular, lies in the moment the woman decides to remove this eyebrow tint. Her eyebrow disappeared along with it!

From her face, you can clearly see how distressed and upset the woman is when this happens. Check out our video above for all the details. And the moral of the story? Always read the instructions on how to use products like this in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

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