12-year-old girl gives birth to her own brother's baby

A 12-year old girl was rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe abdominal pain only to find out she was about to give birth to the child of her 16-year-old brother.

In an incredibly sad and grim story, a 12-year-old little girl became the mother of her brother's child after having been raped by him for two years.

Raped by her brother

The girl, who remains unnamed for legal reasons, said she felt sudden sharp pain in her belly that required immediate medical attention. She later gave birth to a baby after saying she was unaware of ever even having been pregnant.

When asked by a midwife if she had been sexually active the little girl, reportedly, did not know how to answer the question. It was later found out that her older brother had been raping the little girl for several years resulting in an incestuous pregnancy. When questioned about the rape the teenage boy said the he had been 'wrestling' with his sister in their room before engaging in full on intercourse when their parents were out of the house.

'Blurred sexual boundaries'

The prosecutor said there were no signs of coercion or threats from the brother. In a statement that the little girl made in court, she said that she no longer wanted to live in her family home and that she just wanted the best life for her baby. Dean Pulling, member of the defendants legal team, has said that the events that transpired leading to the pregnancy were a direct sign of a dysfunctional household. He explains that the siblings had lived a:

Dysfunctional, neglectful, and potentially abusive upbringing where there was little in the way of parental control or guidance and there were 'blurred sexual boundaries.'

Before adding:

Children are the products of their upbringing and the environment they are exposed to.
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