There's Now A First Dates Board Game - And It Sounds Hilarious

There's Now A First Dates Board Game - And It Sounds Hilarious

Whether you're happily loved-up or dreading February 14th, this First Dates board game could be the perfect solution if you're still trying to make Valentine's Day plans...

Can you believe that Channel 4's First Dates has been on our screens for six years now? Since the show began in 2013, it has gone from strength to strength and now has 14 series under its belt - including two series of First Dates Hotel and one series of celebrity specials. 

Whilst we all love the sweet stories of couples that find someone they really click with, we have to admit we tune in just as much - if not moreso - for the awkward and cringeworthy moments when dates go wrong. And it's this cringiness that the First Dates board game wants to help you recreate in your own home... 

Labelled 'For mates, NOT real dates', the First Dates board game gets you to pair up (not necessarily in actual couples!) and answer a series of increasingly embarrassing questions. Couples win points for giving the same answer as their partner without conferring, whilst other couples have to bet on how compatible they are. 

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With questions ranging from 'Who will have more people at their funeral?' to 'Who is more likely to enjoy getting peed on by their partner?' this game could get very deep or very silly but it's bound to cause a lot of laughter. 

Available on Amazon for just £9.99, this could be the perfect solution for an (anti-)Valentine's night in with the gang!  

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