He Turned His Girlfriend Into A Disney Princess For Valentine’s Day, And The Results Are Incredible

Who has not dreamed of turning into a real Disney princess? This young man made his girlfriend’s dream come true for Valentine's Day through a series of drawings where she lends her features to the most famous cartoon heroines.

For Valentine's Day, this young man wanted to offer his girlfriend a personalised gift that she would not soon forget.

Since the two lovebirds are big fans of the Disney world, Brian Flynn asked Dylan Bonner, a young graduate in art, to make a series of drawings featuring his girlfriend, Manini, and himself standing in as their favourite characters. Ariel, the little mermaid, thus adopts the magnificent hair of Manini and the two lovers take a flying carpet ride like Aladdin and Jasmine. Even their dog, Mina, was integrated into the Disney universe and then slips into a Rapunzel scene. Although if we don’t know how the young woman reacted to discovering her gift, we can’t help but imagine that she fell a little more in love with her Prince Charming.

Check out the video above to see the amazing images!

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