Forget Valentine's Day And Take Care Of Your Gals With These Quirky Galentine's Gifts

  • Bohemian style cosy couch throw, £19.99
  • Minimalist poster print, £10
  • Hmong Hill Tribe embroided purse, £16.99
  • Prosecco/Cocktail toppers, £15
  • Vintage style telephone trinket box, £14.99-£16.99

Because Galentine's is the Valentine's we wish we always had.

With Valentine's day coming around, some of us are already beginning to feel the blues creeping up on us as we realise that not all of us are graced with the comfort of a romantic lover while cupid prepares to draw his bowstrings for another year.

Being single can seem gloomy around this time of year and so it's easy to drown our sorrows in a good old pint of Ben & Jerry's. Worse yet, who the hell are we going to spoil and get spoiled by? The list of V-day troubles just seems to be evergrowing.

But hey - who said Valentine's day has to be just about romance nowadays? There are others who certainly deserve to feel the love but remain underrated: the gals! So gather up your ace gang and plan a quirky little friend-date. The best part? You can get boozy with the best of your gal-pals whilst you exchange some gifts and give the appreciation you all deserve to one another. 

To help inspire your Galentine's day, we've compiled a list of quirky and fun little goodies so that you can treat your soul-sisters. Go ahead and take a gander.... 

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Tutorial: The Perfect Nails For Valentine’s Day

Tutorial: The Perfect Nails For Valentine’s Day

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