Ben & Jerry's Is Launching The Best Treat For Anyone Who Hates Valentine's Day

Ben & Jerry's are adding a sumptuous new flavour of ice cream to their collection, just in time for Valentine's day - and it's all about the love...

Ben & Jerry's has always been there for us through the thick or thin, whether we're craving a little sugar or grieving from a break up, our trusty ice cream has always been close by. And if you're at all a fan of ice cream, you will already be familiar with the fun and delicious collection of flavours that Ben & Jerry's has on offer. And it seems they're making a new addition to the set - just in time for Valentine's day!

Indeed, we will be seeing the brand new flavour of ice cream, titled 'Love Is...', hitting the frozen aisles in February. Inside the tub, you will find a delicious brown sugar ice cream with a caramel cookie swirl that laces the base of the ice cream. Of course, Ben & Jerry's wouldn't be Ben & Jerry's without a touch of extra sweetness, with pink salted caramel cups scattering the buttery ice cream base. This frozen delight is finished with a delicious pink topping and embellished with pink hearts.

As we know, Ben & Jerry's is a little pricier than the average tub, with the new flavour costing £5.49 - which is arguably worth it. What's more, is that a considerable amount of the proceeds made will be donated towards the Refugee Action charity, with the exact percentage still waiting to be confirmed. With regards to calories, this tasty treat isn't exactly made for keeping down the pounds with 1,365 calories contained in the whole tub, 273 calories per 100ml.

Ben & Jerry's social mission manager Rebecca Baron summarised this luscious treat perfectly: "At Ben & Jerry's we're all about sharing the love, whether that's the love of ice cream or the love of one person for another. So we've unapologetically dreamed up a flavour straight from the heart to share a little love with our friends at Refugee Action for those who need it most."

Whilst this treat will definitely be coming around before the 14th of February, the exact date will vary across major supermarket chains, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, ice cream lovers!

Check out the video above for a sneak peek at the new flavour!

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