'You:' 2 new characters will be joining the show for season 3

Joe Goldberg will soon be making his return to our screens alongside two new little additions to the show: Sherry and Carry.

You is back!

Over the course of 2021, Netflix’s popular TV show You will be making a comeback and when it is eventually released, it seems Joe Goldberg will have two (very) important new characters joining him in the city of angels, Los Angeles. The producers seem to have set the bar very high for season 3!

In case you have forgotten, this Netflix series follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a psychopathic book shop clerk who is obsessed with women. He even goes so far as to kill his first girlfriend, Beck, but other manipulative people also end up getting in his way.

Our favourite psychopath, played by Penn Badgley, who some might remember as Dan from Gossip Girl, will soon be returning for a new season, which will be made up of ten episodes, each more enthralling than the last. In the new season, we will be luck enough to continue the story of Joe and his now-pregnant girlfriend, Love, (played by Victoria Pedretti) as well as welcome two new characters, Sherry and Carry.

Spoiler alert!

Shalita Grant is a 32-year-old American actress who is known for her roles in the series NCIS and Bones. Only this time, she will be playing Sherry, a ‘mom-influencer’ who seems down-to-earth, but who is actually quite cruel. This ‘mom' will get dangerously close to Love, and, naturally, Joe won’t be too pleased…

The second character who will be joining the cast is Travis Van Winkle. This 37-year-old will be taking on the role of Carry, a multi-millionaire who becomes Joe’s best friend and shares his adventures.

Unfortunately, season 3 isn’t scheduled to be released until 2021 so you will need to be patient for now.

Thanks who? Thank you coronavirus!

Netflix Announces Another Exciting New Addition To The You Season 2 Cast Netflix Announces Another Exciting New Addition To The You Season 2 Cast