Winter Love Island’s Leanne Amaning exposes show fakery

Leanne Amaning has revealed that producers made her film her split with Mike 3 times as it wasn’t dramatic enough.

Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng had one of the most memorable break-ups of Winter Love Island last year, with many fans slamming Leanne at the time for her ‘savage dumping’ after giving Mike ‘mixed signals’. But it turns out the split was actually much more amicable the first time around.

‘We had to redo the scene three times’

Leanne revealed:

They actually said this is bullshit, it's not a good enough break up. Have more vim. I was like, no, I'm not feeling it. The producers said they weren't happy, it needs more. At this point I feel so awkward, like have you lot ever had that conversation more than once. It's very very awks. When I feel awkward I laugh.

She continued:

Looking back, they have ratings to get so I get it. No one wants to watch two people amicably break up. It's just kind of s****y that it's at the expense of a human. Of course I would've taken a different approach in real life.

Is Love Island scripted?

When another fan asked if Love Island was scripted, Leanne was careful with her response, saying:

Love Island isn't scripted, they've never handed me a script and said read off this. But it's reality TV, they want to keep it entertaining… Some scenes are set up for your entertainment... Some storylines are pushed.

Despite it putting her in an awkward situation, Leanne insisted she was ‘so, so grateful to ITV’ for giving her the experience of being on Love Island. Although she didn’t manage to find love in the villa, Leanne has gained work as an influencer since leaving the show and currently has over 300,000 Instagram followers.

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