Here's why Love Island's Mary and Aaron reckon they'll work on the outside

Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson have become the latest Love Island couple to be dumped from the villa—but they're staying together on the outside.

Wednesday night's Love Island saw yet another couple bite the dust ahead of Monday's finale. Despite winning the infamous baby challenge, Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson received the fewest votes from the public and were dumped from the villa. Although they're one of the newest couples on the show, they've revealed they're planning to stay together.

Will Mary and Aaron stay together?

Following their exit from the villa, Aaron said:

I feel like we get on so well. The rate we moved was completely natural. We were the new couple but there was no pressure to be like the other couples in the Villa. The fact that it happened so organically was really refreshing and caught me completely off guard. We are very similar people in the way we are on the outside, our personalities and how we deal with situations.

Meanwhile, Mary said:

Even though it’s only been 10 days it feels like we’ve been seeing each other for months. We said we’re definitely going to give it a go on the outside. Obviously everything changes when you get out so we said we’re just going to cross each bridge as it comes to it. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside.

Although we're just days from the Love Island 2021 final, Mary and Aaron are only the second couple this series to leave while still in a romantic relationship with each other. The only other couple to leave together—Aaron and Lucinda—seemed to have been over before they even touched back down in the UK. Will Mary and Aaron have better luck? Only time will tell…

Who will win Love Island 2021?

Meanwhile, back in the villa, 5 couples are still standing: Faye and Teddy, Jake and Liberty, Tyler and Kaz, Millie and Liam and bookies' favourites Chloe and Toby. In previous years, we've seen four couples in the final, which means we could well be seeing one more dumping before the end of this week. With Liberty seen looking distraught in the preview for tomorrow's episode, could it be the end of the road for Jiberty?

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