We Could Be Getting A Derry Girls Movie!

As we prepare for Series 2 of Derry Girls to hit our screens next week, we've got even more exciting news - as show creator Lisa McGee hints we could be seeing a Derry Girls movie soon!

Derry Girls was one of the biggest new TV shows of last year. Set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the show follows the lives of schoolgirls Erin, Orla, Clare and Michelle and Michelle's long-suffering English cousin James.

The Channel 4 comedy has been a massive hit and ahead of series 2, writer and creator Lisa McGee has opened up about what the future has in store for the show: 'I've sort of always thought I'd try and follow [a] big political, broad story, from one point to... the point where I'd like to take it. The gang would stay around that age, or a year or two older.'

Whilst Series 3 is yet to be confirmed, judging by the success of the show so far, it seems likely we'll get one - and Lisa says there's 'definitely' more story to be told. Better still, she's even hinted that a Derry Girls film could be in the works...

Check out the video above for all the details!

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