Viewers spotted one huge mistake in this EastEnders’ boat episode

In this episode, the Walford residents were thrown into a panic when a gunshot caused their party boat to begin to sink on the Thames. However, viewers were left scratching their heads after spotting one huge mistake in the dramatic scenes.

Drama enveloped this special EastEnders episode as the residents of Albert Square – including a traumatised Whitney who’d just stabbed stalker Leo (presumably) dead in self-defence – headed to a boat party on the Thames.

However, it wasn’t long before everything started to go wrong. After another car-crash speech from a drunken Linda and a very public showdown with Mick, the party was broken up by an emergency announcement by the captain that the ship was taking on water and needed to be evacuated.

Meanwhile, Linda became trappeddownstairs in the kitchen after falling and catching her ankle whilst trying to grab a bottle of wine. In Titanic-style, a panicked Mick found her below decks, trying to pull her free whilst water filled up around them.

But viewers were left perplexed as to why Linda couldn’t get her foot out – after noticing there was a seemingly big enough gap just next to where she was trapped. One fan took to Twitter to say:

Mick really could have turned Linda's foot to the side and slid her out, while making it easier by removing her shoe. Why was that so difficult to think of?

The episode ended with Mick promising to stay with Linda despite their marital problems if the boat went down, as Linda begged him to leave her and think of their children. But, it was totally unnecessary as there was an easy solution. Just like in Titanic, we all knew Jack could have fit on the door.

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